Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bin Bank Identification Number

The Bin bank identification number was originally known as the Issuer Identification Number or IIN. Essentially, the two referred to the first six digit prefixes which identified a credit card network that was responsible for issuing the credit card. If you are a merchant or someone that uses a credit card often, then you need to understand how the Bin bank identification number works.

Lists the issuing banks

A Bin bank identification number helps in listing the banks that issued credit cards. Whether it is a Visa credit card or MasterCard credit card, the Bin bank identification number is able to identify the holder and issuer of the credit card.

Credit card usage is widespread

Credit cards are widely used throughout the world. Whether it is a small transaction involving a few hundred dollars or a big one that can run into thousands of dollars, people that use credit cards need to be sure that their transaction is safe and will be accepted by the merchant.

Toward this end, a Bin bank identification number database helps the merchant identify the credit card and ascertain whether it is a valid credit card or a fraudulent one. The trouble is that most people that use credit cards are not aware about what a Bin bank identification number is and how it can help them.

A Bin bank identification number uses the first six digits of a credit card number to record the credit card in a database. Whenever a merchant enters into a transaction involving a credit card, they can make use of the Bin bank identification number database to find out information related to the credit card.

The Bin bank identification number database is very important in so far as obtaining information related to a credit card goes. However, when you check the Bin bank identification number in a Bin bank identification number database you have to be sure that the database is accurate and also up to date.


The Bin bank identification number database works through networking. It also throws up information related to a Bin bank identification number and allows a merchant to know whether they are dealing with a customer that is genuine or one that is trying to defraud them.

Modern technology has made it possible for any merchant that enters a Bin bank identification number into the Bin bank identification number database to learn important facts related to the credit card. The information that can be obtained through entering a Bin bank identification number includes the phone number of the issuer of the credit card.

In addition, the Bin bank identification number also helps the merchant learn about the country of the issuer and it will also allow the merchant to know about the type of credit card and its brand. The unique 6 digit number that is assigned to a particular credit card plays a very important role in helping prevent fraud and charge backs.

As an online merchant, it is important that you use the Bin bank identification number database to help you validate a credit card which is presented to you by a customer. Unless the Bin bank identification number database verifies that the card is genuine, the online merchant should not accept it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Personal Bankruptcy Filing Tips

5 Personal Bankruptcy Filing Tips

If you've done all you can, but you just aren't able to pull yourself back up financially and you feel that filing for bankruptcy is your only resort, here are some personal bankruptcy filing tips that may help you make the process a little less stressful.

When you file for bankruptcy protection you are immediately safe from creditors calls and repossessions. A creditor cannot legally contact you while your bankruptcy has been filed and after it's been discharged they won't have a reason to contact you since all your debt will have either been wiped out, Chapter 7, or you have a repayment plan in place, Chapter 13.

Here are the steps you will need to take:

1. Decide whether or not you will be hiring an attorney. For most people it is advisable since bankruptcy laws are complicated and different from one state to the next. If you decide to hire an attorney take the opportunity to meet with several. Make sure you ask for a fee schedule, this isn't the same as asking them how much your case will cost, it just means you know how much they will charge per hour and what other fees you may incur.

2. Gather up copies of all three credit reports as well as a thorough listing of all your debts and assets. This will include all loans whether they are secured or unsecured, medical bills, and a complete listing of any accounts such as savings or checking that you have. Make sure to include a full listing of any investments you may have and their current value.

It's not a good idea to leave anything out. If it is found out later you will face serious legal issues, be honest. In many states you will be allowed to keep some personal property like your home and a car. It does vary not only from state to state but also depending on how much equity you may have in your home. Many states will set limits to the amount of equity you can have in your home and still be able to keep it.

3. When gathering up your paperwork make sure to include the last few years of income tax records along with all your pay stubs for several months.

4. Once you've hired your attorney, have an honest conversation about what option you should choose, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Each form has it's pros and cons and your attorney can help you decide which form would be best for you and your circumstances.

5. Even if you choose to hire an attorney, make sure you are as proactive during the process as possible. It's important that you stay in close contact with your attorney to make sure there are no surprises. You should also go to all the hearings even though this can be a time consuming and stressful thing to do.

The truth is that many people will hire an attorney and just step back. That is not a good idea. Any good attorney will have dozens of clients and while you'd like to think that they have all the facts about your case readily available, the fact is that they can overlook things and forget things. It's important that you pay close attention so you can point any oversights out to your attorney. After all, this is your life and your future on the line.

If it ever comes the time to do a personal bankruptcy filing, the tips listed above can take at least a little of the fear out of the process. You've heard the saying that knowledge is power, use this knowledge to help you make this difficult time a little less stressful.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Significance Of Cash Flow For Small Businesses

Cash flow is one of the most significant features for running small businesses. It is one of the single most crucial reasons why many businesses fail , regardless of how good the business is. Managing cash flow is critically important in the smooth running, survival and success of any small business. This action will look at what cash flow is, and use some examples to show how cash flow can make the difference between success and failure. Failure meaning collapsing in business. If you are penniless then you are unable to pay your debts. A lot of us often use the term bankrupt' to depict this but strictly, only an individual can be declared bankrupt, which can cause a small business to go bankrupt. Small businesses are declared as in debt. The principle however is the same. Some businesses deal with so-called personal insolvency' which in effect means bankruptcy so the use of the terms can sometimes be perplexing.

Ever heard of a trade network? Here's how it works. Let's suppose a Business A wants to open a booth at an exhibition but it needs cash to do so. Business A has broken-down mechanic equipment that Business B is interested in fixing and selling. After selling the equipment he can use the cash as bartering dollars to pay for another network member's Business C display booth. Trading is an excellent means to conserve cash and it can really pay off, quite literally.

So many small businesses bill clients on a 30-day cycle. But if you have to pay your workers twice a month, this can cause cash-flow difficulties. Instead invoicing clients twice a month , One company did so and reported that more than 90% of its clients didn't mind the change because it still allowed them 30 days to pay. Another issue is bad credit and for that an effective way to prevent it, is to send pre-lien notifications to each customer on all jobs over and above a certain sum , lets' suppose 3000 dollars The notices should state that the small business is protecting its right to place a lien on the merchandise that was purchased if the bill isn't paid within the pre-set time. One large company reports that after sending out the notice, bad debt shrunk by 0,000 in the 8 to 10 months.

To increase cash flow merchant cash advance can help make a bridge leading to a successful business.

How to Get Easy Used Car Loans Online

Loans are source of financial assistance to the needy people seeking for funds to purchase things they need. Car is one such desire that almost everyone wish to fulfill some day. But the people with poor credit find it tough to have their own car. Nowadays, many online auto loan companies could be seen on the Internet offering various schemes and offers to get quick auto finance to buy a car. It becomes much a lot easier to get a car loan for people with positive credit history as compared to the bad credit car buyers. However in the present scenario, it is not a big issue to get car loans with bad credit. You just need to keep few things in mind and you'll get assured loan from a reliable lender.

Point to be Kept in Mind before Purchasing an Auto Loan

a)Make an online search and select at least four lenders. Check about their terms and conditions individually as well as collectively and then decide which ones suit the best as per your requirements and budget.

b)Make sure to check about the authenticity of the online auto loan company you are opting for car loan.

c)Get a pre approved car loan before choosing the final lender. In today's competitive auto finance market, many lenders would be all set to give you loan on much lower interest and many more facilities than the one whose approval you are already carrying with you. This is a proven strategy to get the best of the best.

d)Do reveal all essential details regarding your bad credit score, which are relevant from the loan point of view. Any curtain on any essential fact required to be disclosed would put you in trouble and your loan will be disapproved.

This is for all auto loan seekers out there -- may it be new car finance or used car loans online. You'll find in numerous choices to get easy car finance with poor credit now. Just make a search on the Web and select one lender for your car. This is the best ever chance you would get to improve your credit history. Once you get a loan and pay its dues on time; you credit report will start moving towards positive side. So don't lose this golden opportunity. Let the world know that you are not a bankrupt.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Learn About Personal Finance: A Beginners Guide

I have found 4 main elements to personal finance and finance overall. These elements form all that is derived from finance professionally and personally. Understanding them is vital to understanding personal finance. Not including them, a person would not be in a position to correctly manage their funds. Those four elements then combine to generate a good way to evaluate and manage a person's financial health.

Your initial element which makes up personal finance is called income. Income is the income that may be flowing into your bank account from some other source. A job, business, retirement account, dividends, money from a relative are common types of income.

The following element to know is called expenses. Money that flows away from your banking accounts to any outside sources to pay for a debt is known as a cost(Expenses). Expenses come from bills, unsecured credit card payments, buying food, purchasing gas, renting a car, doing vacation, etc. When your money flows to an alternative person's or companies coffer, it is deemed an expense.

Once you combine Income and expenses, you will get what is called an income statement. An income statement simply informs you what money that you are earning minus the money that you're losing in expenses. After subtracting them, it displays what money is left at the conclusion of the specified period that the information was gathered.

The income statement only tells what quantity of money is flowing inside and out of accounts as well as what it's flowing to. Another couple of definitions explains ownership.

Assets are valuables that conserve a level of monetary worth. A house is recognized as an asset. Some old baseball cards in the attic which can be worth money is an asset. An asset may be a movie collection or simply someones car. The bottom line is, whatever you can sell to somebody else to get a profit is viewed as an asset.

Your fourth term to understand is liabilities. Liabilities are long-lasting debt that is carried by and individual or business. If something is purchased on credit or by loan, those instruments are thought to be liabilities. When a person has debts or has taken out a car loan, that debt can be a liability.

When assets and liabilities are subtracted from one another and also a number is found, that document is named a balance sheet. The number that may be left over in the end, whether it is good or bad, is called a persons net worth.

When trying to comprehend the basic principles of personal finance, the main elements again are income, expense, assets, and liabilities. If you put them together you get an income statement and also a balance sheet. It is a basic level of personal finance that everybody must learn in order to understand how to manage their money.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No Credit Check Payday Loan: Enables You To Give A Fair Fight

The no credit check payday loans can help you a lot in getting rid of your immediate need for money problems. You can prevent emergencies from occurring but the best thing that can be done is that you can give fair fight to your emergencies. You can tackle it immediately by paying it off or by taking the appropriate steps. For that you should have money in your hands and then you can go for these loans. It is one of the best loans that are being found to be easily available in the loan market today. No tension at all will be required to be taken once you go for these particular loans.

People mostly go for these loans for its no credit check features. Who want to be troubled by the enquiries of credit records and then further wastage of times? When there will be no credit check no one will have to wait for the procedure, no poor credit holder will be turned down and also no unnecessary time will be wasted. These are the most important reasons for which these loans have been able to get lots of borrowers for it.

Moreover, these are quite helpful too as it will help you with an amount ranging from 100 to 1500 for 14 to 31 days. For easy repayment you would simply have to adjust the repayment date with your payday and then automatically the payable amount will be transferred to the lender from your bank account.

All bad credit holders enjoy borrowing money from the no credit check payday loans. Certain such poor credit tags are defaults, CCJs, bankruptcy, arrears or skipping of installments.

Though the bad credit holders are not being stopped but if you do not meet certain grounds then you will surely be turned down. So, you would have to be of 18 years of age, earn 1,000 as minimum monthly income and a bank account holder.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Why an Accelerated Mortgage Reduction Plan Does Not Require an Increase in Monthly Cash Flow

In any investment strategy the ultimate goal is to increase your net worth.

In order to understand the investment strategy that uses an accelerated mortgage reduction plan you must first understand some basic concepts about debt.

For every dollar you pay in principal toward a loan say at 8% is like investing that dollar at 10 to 14% depending on your tax bracket. Of course investing the dollar carries more risk than paying down the principal on a mortgage that has no tax consequences.

Taking this concept one step further with a credit card that is charging 22% per year in interest one would have to invest the same amount owed at 30% because one would have to pay taxes on the investment. These results would be to just break even on an asset vs liabilities balance sheet. The risk of an investment earning 30% would be extremely high while paying down the principal on a loan would carry no risk.

Next you need to understand the significance of paying a loan payment and knowing how paying the loan at a specific time of the month will effectively start to save interest on the loan paid. Knowing when is the optimum time of the month to pay a loan payment is crucial on how that will affect the interest paid on the loan. Paying close attention to payment timing will go along way towards allowing one to pay the same amount per month but actually provide more 'bang for your buck' and pay off the loan quicker. Having the knowledge of the best time to pay a loan payment and repeating this payment at the same time of the month begins to accelerate the reduction even though it seems like an insignificant amount. The dynamics of the paying off a loan changes with different loan sizes, payment due dates, interest paid and when your income is paid and how many times per month.

Having a budget and continually viewing your monthly expenses you can see what variations can do to the acceleration of the debt pay off time. By making changes in your spending habits you can observe some drastic changes to your pay off time. This instant feedback motivates the participant keeping the participants on track. Making early partial payments but making a second payment later in the month will equal the total amount due for the month and equal the same cash flow but will significantly affect the total interest paid that month.

The knowledge required to make these kinds of decisions could be more work than most people have time for. Just because it might seem to be logical to pay off a loan with a higher interest rate it might be more important to pay down the loan with a smaller interest rate because the total amount owed times the smaller interest equals a larger amount of interest paid than the smaller loan with the higher interest amount. A bimonthly payment plan has some significant results even though the total payment may be exactly the same because part of the payment is paid early in the month. It is important to understand that if you are paid biweekly or bimonthly than you should change the way you pay bills.

Most acceleration reduction programs have built in algorithms that make decisions on how your bills are paid. To decide on which program works best for you will require looking at the bullet points of each program. Some programs are free but have no support and make no guarantees as to results, some programs have a small initial setup fee but require a monthly fee, and then some programs require a large fee up front but will promise support for the entire loan period. The best way to decide is to do a Google search on line for the phrase 'accelerated mortgage reduction' and then decide which program meets your needs the best.

To further validate the importance of this investment strategy one only has to see that at the end of the accelerated mortgage reduction plan you will have increased your net worth by the value of the mortgage you started with. If you started with a 0,000 mortgage you will have increased your net worth by 0,000 in lets say a period of 12 years. To duplicate this increase in net worth outside of this investment strategy one would have to save 00 per month above your monthly cash flow for the same 12 years. The return needed between 5 and 8% would depend on your particular tax bracket. For most families invesing an extra 00 per month would be a daunting task and requiring more risk than paying down the mortgage through an accelerated mortgage reduction plan.

Although the results will vary for any acceleratd mortgage reduction plan and some programs are better than others the total effect will be pretty much the same. So increasing your net worth and using an accelerated mortgage reduction plan is a financial plan that can open future financial doors and improve your quality of life. Of course by paying off your debt early will also allow you to take the original mortgage payment and put it into a conservative savings program which will significantly increase your net worth even further.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Appealing Modern Purchasing Alternative

Today leasing is very popular. Instead of buying your car, you can lease it. When the lease expires, you return the old car to the dealer and you can lease a newer model. One reason that leasing is so popular is that a smaller amount of money is required up front and monthly payments are low. This is a very appealing concept to many people.

We lease houses, mobile homes, apartments and even the things inside them. People lease steamers for drapes and carpet cleaners and floor polishers to keep their floors clean as new. If you can't afford to purchase all your appliances and furniture, you can lease them. Some homeowners buy a second house, fix it up and then lease it out to others. This can be particularly profitable if you have your second house at a desirable location, such as the shore or in the mountains.

We also lease things for their entertainment value. For a child's birthday party, parents rent clowns, ponies and magicians for hours at a time. Local pools can be rented for an afternoon, after regular pool hours or a day. Many restaurants offer space to lease for lunches for children. Some movie theatres provide space in the lobby area and special price arrangements for children celebrating their birthdays by going to the movies. For an adult occasion, portions of restaurants and halls can be leased and catering services engaged. Weddings, bat/bar mitzvahs, graduation parties and reunions require leasing many items. Aside from the hall or huge tent at an outdoors event, silverware, linens, tables, chairs and audio visual equipment are leased. A wedding involves a number of leased items, including the church, florist, catering, supplies, DJ, photographer and the groom's and best men's tuxedos.

Steam shovels, cement mixers, trucks, graders, loaders, bulldozers and cranes are just some of the equipment needed when constructing a new building. Because they are not needed once the building is completed, builders lease the machines for the duration of the time they are needed. Another advantage to leasing equipment is that if a piece of equipment breaks down, the builder does not incur any additional costs to repair or replace it. Most leases usually include service, repair, maintenance and replacement of all leased equipment.

Once buildings are completed, the owner will lease out the interior space to help recoup the cost of the building. For this, he or she may lease the services of contractor to build the rented space to the occupant's needs. The occupant, in turn, may decide to lease the equipment needed to run the business. Telephones, fax machines, computers, printers, scanners, and copiers are often leased because the lease contract covers installation, service, instructional classes and upgrades of all equipment. This is essential for companies in the information technology market.

After they are established, businesses might lease a restaurant, museum, symphony hall, zoo or even Sea World to impress their clients. Rooms, tables, chairs, linens, podiums, glassware, catering and audiovisual equipment are leased to meet the client's needs. The lessee needs to do nothing, except show up in the right place at the right time.

Scope Of Mobile Application Development

As the time passes, the mobile has overcome the conception of just acting as a device to make voice calls. It has now embedded in itself number of other features which have brought a huge revolution in the mobile application development process.

Mobile Application development is the process of developing applications which acts as an added feature in any handheld device. The applications which are developed in mobile application development process can be downloaded by the end user either by using various different mobile software distribution platforms available in the market else it can also be taken from application stores. These applications can also be found as pre-installed applications in the mobile devices.

The concept of developing an application based on technology has changed the way we communicate to each other. Mobile application development technology is enormously increasing and promoting the number of various applications developed for supporting mobile devices. Each and every application, whether it is simple or complex, is contributing in some or the other way to the end user. As mobile phone has become the necessity for everyone, the demand for the same has rapidly grown. The market is now-a-days exploding with variety of smart phone devices having the latest developed applications. Mobile software development provides users with several benefits like the user can have access to his mails, can chat with friends online. Moreover, the user can also send receive data and do many more amazing stuffs with the use of mobile applications anywhere anytime with no boundary or time limitations.

Mobile applications are developed using various platforms. Some of the platforms are iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, iPad, Windows mobile. The scope of mobile application development is now not only restricted to one category or one trend. It covers vast range of booming sectors like business, Games, News, Weather, Education, and Money or the finance sector are some of the few categories where the mobile application development process is carried on. Various companies are engaged in offering mobile application development services such as Mobile application planning, development and enablement, Mobile messaging - SMS Push Pull up applications, Mobile break and restore technology, programming services based on mobile pocket PC and many more to add on.

As we peep into today's world, we can clearly observe the successfully flourishing field of mobile application development. Developing a mobile application is not an easy task. Mobile application designers and developers have to face many challenges and obstacles to develop and create an application that should be highly usable in a wide range of demanding customers. With the increasing competition and the demand in mobile application development field, companies are rushing forward to offer complete end-to-end solutions. Thus, we can conclude that mobile application development has become a mandatory tool for the organization focusing on a mounted rise in upward direction. To fulfill these requirements, every company is in need of employees having thorough knowledge about the development of mobile applications. In future, this rising demand for mobile application development process will definitely contribute tremendously in the huge growth in career of an organization as well as an individual.

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5 Most Expensive Luxury Apartments For Sale Bangalore In The World

more amenities, more facilities and not to forget more rate for your money.
Like the Beresford a few blocks north on Central Park West, the twin-towered San Remo is one of the masterpieces of architect Emery Roth, whose firm, Emery Roth & Sons would subsequently design more office buildings in the city than any other firm. It and the Beresford were sold in 1940 for ,000 over the existing mortgages as the buildings suffered during the Depression, although both have recovered very, very well.
We are talking about luxury Apartments for Sale Bangalore, those crowning skyscrapers that are synonymous with unhindered metropolitan living and mind-blowing views. Today, for many renters, they are literallyand figuratively speakingthe pinnacle of Apartments for Sale Bangalore.
London: Hyde Park is just around the corner for a leisurely stroll or that early morning jog! Excellent transport means that you are ideally located to visit the entire wonderful tourist attractions London has to offer, as well as fast connections straight into the heart of The City or the Canary Wharf area.

Rome: the decoration of this charming and exclusive apartment was carried out by a well-known interior designer with attention to every detail: all modern conveniences are provided antique furniture and artwork, in a traditional style, reflecting the taste of the owner.

Bangkok: Lebua Residences offer a difference that you will appreciate from the moment you step inside. At every angle, you will find a smooth blend of contrasts - modern elegance with timeless warmth, state-of-the-art facilities with thoughtful care in details, sophisticated services with the comforts of home.

Experience is what makes a difference. Along with experience comes the mastery of the field. Along with mastery is the expertise.

Self Employed Secured loans And Remortgages.

It is at present confusing for the self employed to fully understand exactly where they stand when needing a mortgage, remortgage or a secured loan.

In the past, the self employed were almost at an advantage compared to employed people when making am application for a remortgage, mortgage or a secured loan, as they could self declare their own income, unlike employed applicants for these home loan products.

While the employed had to be truthful about their earnings, as they had to provide wage slips when applying for these loans, the self employed simply had to provide what is widely known as a self cert.

This meant that no self employed applicant would ever be declined for a mortgage, secured loan or remortgage, at least not on the grounds of having insufficient income, that is unless he or she was rather dim witted.

There was even one lender at that time, namely Future Mortgages, who even accepted self certs from employed secured loan borrowers.

The only check that they made for these self cert employed applicants, was to telephone the company where they were employed to ask if the applicant did in fact work there, and that it was not pure fabrication.

They did not even bother to enquire how much the person earned, and as a result, there were cleaners earning as much as doctors almost.

It was of course very tempting for people to increase what they earned, to obtain the mortgage they wanted to buy the home of their dreams.

The same thing happened when applying for a remortgage or a secured loan that they could use to release equity on their property to use for almost any purpose, including making use of remortgages and secured loans as debt consolidation loans.

In the course of the recession, the accepting of self certs, when making application for any mortgage product stopped 100%, and the self employed then needed, as they do to this day, either full accounts or an accountant's certificate to prove their true earnings.

The secured loan lender, Nemo, who had at one point accepted self certs for homeowner loans at up to 100% LTV, ceased granting loans to the self employed.

Secured loans have always continued to be available from one lender on a self cert basis at 50% LTV, and high interest rates apply.

Matters are now looking up some what for the self employed, with Nemo now advancing loans at 75% for the self employed, although an accountant's reference or accounts are needed.

Link Loans has a plan at 75% LTV also for those who own their own business, but they require the same income proof as they do for Nemo Loans.

For those only recently se;lf employed, the Link Loan plan for homeowners without accounts comes in very useful. The equity however is limited to 60%. They must also provide three months bank statements to show the income that their business is providing.

Therefore, although we are no where near the slack hay day of self employed loans, things are at least moving in the right direction.

However, accounts or an accountant's certificate are still required when applying for mortgages and remortgages.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Many Different Breeds of Bantam Chickens

To better understand the numerous types and kinds of bantam chickens, we need to understand the actual definition of the word. When used in relation to fowl or chickens, bantam is used for any extremely small fowl. The way most people have understood this rating is by understanding that for most of the regular breeds of chickens there are some bantam counterparts. These are most often one-fourth to one-fifth the size of the standard chickens, thus earning them the addition of miniature or bantam to their original name.

When taking into consideration the original namesake of bantam, this chicken or fowl has no standard counterpart. The most popular and commonly known bantam chickens are the Dutch bantam, the Sebright bantam, the Japanese bantam and the Dutch bantam. Due in part to their size and ease of care, bantams have rapidly risen to the top of the list as pets used primarily for shows or competitions. Because of their size, they require far less food, space, and maintenance resulting in their previously mentioned status as preferred pets.

Some of the most widely known breeds of bantam chickens are the Cochin, Japanese Bantams, common Bantam, Barnevelder, Old English Game, Polish chicken, D'Uccle, Pekin, Serama and the Sussex bantams. The following are brief descriptions of them:

The Cochin bantam is one of the largest breeds of bantams with the male known for weighing in at a surprising 5 Kg. (11 pounds). This particular bantam breed was introduced in China as the Chinese Shanghai and later exported to America and Britain. Another bantam breed closely related and developed from this breed is the Pekin bantam.

Japanese bantams most commonly referred to as Chao, are literally spread world wide. These chickens are mostly used in shows and as pets.

Barnevelder bantam is among the most popular breed of chickens for shows, carcass, and egg production. Producing rich brown eggs is their specialty and they are natural foragers on top of being a medium heavy breed which makes them excellent for either gaming or food.

Old English Game bantams also make excellent pets for children and are a source of special shows in the United Kingdom for this specific popular breed. This bantam breed is almost opposite to it's standard counterpart, the Old English Game chicken in that it lacks an aggressive nature.

The Polish chicken is primarily bred for their show abilities due to the fact their appearance is almost beautiful. Boasting such colors as pink, purple, and blue, these bantams do not sit on eggs, but produce stark, white eggs.

Uccle is a town on the outskirts of Brussels, Belgium and is the namesake of the Barbu D'Uccle bantam with soft feathers. This chicken received it's name from the French, translating as Bearded of Uccle.

The Pekin bantam, sporting feathers on their legs and feet combined with plumage that hangs to the ground, have often been referred to as a "walking tea-cosy". Noticeably smaller, measuring in at 20 - 30 centimeters and are well known for their mothering instincts.

The Serama bantam breed of chickens is basically still in production. Although they are currently ranked as the smallest chickens in the world, their breed has not been bred true as of yet, meaning breeding them could result in any color, shape, size, etc.

The Sussex bantam is one-quarter the size of it's standard counterpart, better know as the most common of backyard chickens in different countries around the world.