Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Buying and Selling of Property in Korea

Property search in Korea is based on several important factors. In other words, Korean property search is based on the individual preferences as well as requirements of a buyer or a tenant. Discussed further in this article are some of the factors as well as the steps involved in the searching of a property in Korea.

Buying or Renting :
First of all, for property search in Korea, it must be determined whether the property is for buying or for rent. If you choose to buy, then it must be further evaluated whether it is for your accommodation purposes or to rent it out or sell it later for a higher price. In case, if you are planning to buy a property for investment purposes or to rent it, then you must choose a location in Korea that is already developed or with chances to develop. Likewise, when you are searching a property for rental purpose, then you should choose a housing or business space in such a location which is convenient as well as affordable to you.

Both buying and renting options have their own benefits and limitations. For instance, renting may be a great choice when you are planning to stay at a particular location for a short period or when you want to invest your fund in some other options such as share market. But, one of the prime limitations of staying in a rental space is that you cannot make any modification or change in your living space. On the other hand, when you buy a property, you can make almost any change in it, provided you comply with the requirements of local planning. In addition, in the case of renting, the tenant cannot enjoy any benefit as a result of the increase in the property value.

Source of Purchase :
Purchasing a property in Korea depends upon the financial situation of the buyer. Mostly, people lean on mortgages in order to invest in a property here. Since in most cases your house is kept as collateral in order to get loan, it must be kept in mind that your home is at risk and if you make any default in making the loan repayment, you may sometimes lose your property.

Capital Growth :
Another important factor that should be taken into consideration for property search as well as investment is capital growth. In most cases, properties appreciate in value by about 5% or 6% per year. However, this may differ from year to year as well as from regions to regions. This is also further affected by such factors as fluctuations in interest rates, political manipulations, and supply and demand factors.

Rental Yield :
If you are going to invest in a property in order to rent it out, it is important to take into consideration the rental yield of a particular property in Korea, prior to investing in it.

Now we will discuss some of the steps involved in the property search and investment. As the first step, it should be determined in which type of property you prefer to invest. For some it may be residential units in the form of single detached homes, apartments, or villas, while for some it may be commercial or industrial purposes.

There also a category of buyers interested in land investment. As mentioned earlier, the next step is to verify how you would finance for the property. A plethora of financial institutions have now come forward to provide you mortgages at best deals.

With a myriad of real estate firms, realtors, and other related service providers in the scenario, it is not all a tedious process to find a property of your choice in Korea.

Many of the real estate firms in Korea provide services in connection with both buying and renting. There are also some service providers that exclusively deal in vacation rentals as well as all other types of property rentals.

These types of firms handle all kinds of paper works with regard to the leasing, and allow both the owner and tenant to be free from the hassles of rental processes. Likewise, there are also certain firms that solely specialize in buying and selling of property in Korea. They carry out a range of services in connection with the buying and selling, and some even offers the services of expert attorneys to verify the documents of a particular real estate.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Becoming A Millionaire From Your Basement

Millionaire from your basement.

Finally the secret to being a millionaire from your basement is out. In these financially trying times you can still be on your way to becoming a millionaire.

I found a way to becoming a millionaire in 24 months. I stumbled upon it by accident really. I was financially strapped and obviously was a little desperate, so I started reading a lot of finance books on how to make money in either a down or an up economy. Some were good and some were rubbish, they had titles like, the millionaire within you, release your inner millionaire, Finding your inner millionaire, Is there a millionaire in you? Finally I read books on the best way to financial freedom, written by respected finance authors like Robert Kiyosaki and Jacques Maglioli.

But my life changed when I stumbled across a man called Frank Black, who introduced me to the world of Penny shares.

Penny shares are the best way to build an empire worth millions by starting out with just a few Rands/Dollars in your bank account. Last year my investment portfolio made a 335% return in just 8 months; which means an investment of just million or R1 million would have turned into $ 3.35 million or R3.35 million in just 8 months.
Or even an initial investment of just 00 or R1000 could've made you ,350 or R3,350. I know it's hard to believe but it's true. I am on my way to becoming a millionaire thanks to this system.

A lot of millionaires have known about this secret for years but now through the work of Frank Black and his Red Hot Penny Shares company, this secret is also available to us as well.

The premise behind Penny shares is this, rather than buy expensive shares that will increase just a little bit over a short period of time, You buy very cheap shares say at R1.00 a share, when this goes up to R2.00 a share you are a little bit closer to becoming that millionaire, because your investment has doubled.

The best thing about Red Hot Penny Shares is that Frank Black does all the research for you, so you never have to pick losers. And he tells you when to sell a company that is failing to produce adequate financial returns for you, before it starts to fall apart.

But I told you that you can become a millionaire from your basement, so what you do is simply go to the Std bank online share trading website or forex.com. You register to use their trading software and you simply buy whatever frank Black tells you to buy. By using an online trading program you eliminate the high costs of using a broker.

For those of you outside of South Africa you can still access his Red Hot Penny shares issue for the US market as well. If you are in neither country you can still access his publication online and trade the potentially lucrative stocks in the south African market using forex.com

To access frank Black's Red Hot Penny shares issue go to fleetstreetpublications.com
Then you will be on your way to becoming a millionaire right in your basement.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Admission in VIT/SRM & MBBS/MBA - Top Engineering colleges

Career consultancy is India's leading education consultant specializing in career guidance offering a wide range of globally recognized courses which not only help in fetching top lucrative jobs in India but also help in getting professional jobs abroad. Our main focus is to transfigure the opinion that Indians have, when it comes to make the career decision and embryonic their professional lives.
We are sincerely devoted to make students aware about the latest trends in Career and Higher Education options. We also assist them by providing proper career guidance. We help students apply to colleges based on analysis of interested program, academic track record, test scores, financial ability & career options after completion of the intended course. We make the admission procedure a matter of convenience for students.
Career Consultancy provides you the most attractive career options in top most private Engineering / Medical / MBA colleges in India & Abroad through effective counseling!!
COURSES: - B-Tech / B.E, MBBS, BDS, MBA, BBA, LAW, MD, MS, MDS, Hotel Management etc.

Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore (VIT)
We assist in Admission in VIT University, Vellore through management quota for all the courses offered by the university. Students with engineering aspirations look forward to admission to the prestigious VIT institute at Vellore. Vellore Institute of Technology provides students opportunity to pursuer high quality of engineering studies. Last date of issue of forms-29th Feb, 12 | VITEEE exam 21st April, 12 | Result-7th May, 12.

SRM-Chennai & Modi Nagar Campuses
Get direct Admission in SRM University, Chennai and Modinagar campus through management quota for an MBA for the session 2012 -2013. Contact ASAP for confirm admission as admissions are open and the process can be started from January 2012. Last date of issue of forms-31st March, 12 | Exam-6th May, 12 |Publication of Rank14th may, 12 |Counseling dates 12th -18th June,2012

Admission counseling with all top pvt medical colleges in
Medical Council of India (MCI) is in charge of the medical education of the nation. The organization is entrusted with the duty of inspecting and monitoring the institutions that offer medical education in India. The top medical colleges of India offer research, teaching and even patient care facilities. Maharashtra, Bangalore, UP, MP, Kolkata, Haryana, Karnataka& South India.
MBBS in Europe @ 9 lakhs only (Fees+Hostel+Food) MCI & WHO recognized college.

Admission counseling for all top MBA colleges
There are many Top MBA Colleges in India, which provides placements to students after completing their MBA course. Though most of the MBA colleges in India, promise to provide placements after education, but very few actually provide placements to its students. the placements also depend on the calibre and the performance of the student himself. Symbiosis, KJSOM, Alliance, ITM & Other top colleges.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Skilled Worker Category under Quebec Immigration Program



This is a great opportunity to file the applications for Immigration to Canada for those who are not qualifying under Federal Skilled Worker category.

Quebec's Skilled Worker program operates under a selection grid of criteria used to determine whether an applicant would be able to successfully settle and work in the province. Points are assigned to applicants and their spouses, if applicable, according to their level and field of education, work experience, age, previous experience in Quebec and language ability.

In order to be eligible to apply for immigration as a Quebec Skilled Worker, a pass mark of 50 points for single applicants and 57 points for applicants with accompanying spouses must be met.

For more information, please visit :

The process and qualifying grids are very complex.

Look at the list attached. If you have clients under these occupations we can file their application under Quebec Nominee Program. Following are the broad gist of the program :

1. The current time taken for Quebec Acceptance Letter is 4-8 months for Priority and 12-15 months for non-priority cases. The acceptance by Quebec means the issuance of Certificate of Selection by Quebec (CSQ).

2. Once this letter is obtained, then we have to apply to the Federal office for immigration papers. The Federal portion will take additional 4-5 months. There is never a refusal from Federal if the Quebec has issued the QAL, except if there is a security or medical issue.

3. We will take care of the complete process. The total time taken approx. 11-18 months.

4. If the Quebec Acceptance Letter is declined, then we have the option of appealing the decision. Which we shall do if required.

5. The Quebec Application fees are non-refundable.

6. The fees are as follows :

Principal applicant CA5/-
Each dependant CA2/-

7. The Quebec application fees are on top of the normal Federal application and landing fees. (i.e 0 + 0)

8. The landing in Canada will have to be done in Quebec Region only. The major city is Montreal. One of the nicest cities in the world. However, after landing they are free to move anywhere in Canada without restrictions.

Requirement for Qualification to apply under QPNP :

Associates will have to verify the list below and check if the principal applicant has Graduated or Mastered in one the list field.

1. The applicant should be minimum Graduate with three years of University or three year of Diploma after the 12th grade. To get sufficient points MASTERS are preferred.

2. The applicant should have the relevant experience which matches the field of study.

3. The age of Principal Applicant should not be more than 35 years (if more than 35, will lose points)

4. The age of spouse should not be more than 35 years (if more than 35, will lose points)

5. The spouse of the principal applicant should also be a graduate

6. The principal applicant should be proficient in any one language


7. IMPORTANT TO NOTE : In order to get enough points to qualify and to satisfy the visa officer on your true intentions to settle in Quebec, we insist that client completes DELF A2 level from Alliance Francaise, available in all countries and in major cities. Knowledge of French will also provide the interviewing officer to give full Adaptability points.

Thus, the knowledge of French becomes a mandatory factor.

8. The spouse of the Applicant should also be reasonably good in English or French, even though we do not require the proof.

9. If the applicant is good in English, we do not need the IELTS. The IELTS results will have to be submitted only of the visa officers demand.

10. We need the details on children - Number of Children, their ages.

Very Important : The work experience should be related to the educational qualifications.

Note :

There are two stages to Quebec Immigration Process. The first stage is selection by the Quebec Immigration Department. They issue the CSQ (Certificate of Selection by Quebec ).

The second stage is to apply with the federal department for the visa. We have to fill both the sets of application forms at the same time. All the supporting documents are required in the initial stage itself.

Below is the point system, selection grid. There are three parameters, and the candidate will have to qualify under all of them, viz. Employability, Preliminary and Total. The points are different for single and family.

For more information, please visit :

Q & A

Ans = Minimum work requirement is 1 year full time. But the points allotted will be lesser in one year and maximum in 5 years.

Q Is French Language Necessary for Principal Applicant ?
Ans = Yes, it is mandatory to know French. However, the knowledge of French is limited to Speaking and Listening only. The points depend on the level of French knowledge.

2-6 points for Beginners
7-12 points for Medium
13-16 points for Proficient

Q Will the interview be in French?
Ans = A choice will be given to the client to choose their language for interview. However, the main purpose of the interview is to check your speaking and understanding ability of French.

Ans = Full time is essential. Quebec is very strict in foreign education requirements compared to Federal.

Q - Is there any point system for this program or just need to full fill criteria? If yes than how points are awarded?
Ans = The points system are multi-parameters and very complex. It is too detailed for me to explain the mathematics. We use complex software to accurately calculate the points, which is based on many variables.

Q - Minimum English requirement in terms of IELTS result ?
Ans = English knowledge should be proficient. At least 6.5 average.

Q - What is the chance for single person to be qualify?
Ans = Single person may qualify, if Masters educated, a tleast 2-3 years of relevant work experience and proficient English and French at DELF A2 level..

Q - Limited time.. No any final date of ending program.
Ans = As any other program, the rules might change anytime depending on inflow of applications. So take advantage while the program is still there. They might remove the occupations from the list.

Below is the link which of education which will attract points under the Area of Training in QPNP. Those mentioned YES under Priority Treatment will get more points and the file will be treated under priority.

For more information, please visit :

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Letting The Tables Go: The Perils Of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is a major concern around the world, as more and more people are embracing the tables and cards as a means of stress relief. The emergence of online casinos has not helped curb the growing statistics of people becoming addicted to gambling. The availability of casino games and the allure of the easy money has the potential to rapidly go from stress relief to full-blown addiction. There are some that would argue that people with pathological gambling disorder are merely exceptionally greedy. Others, though, would argue that these people are suffering from a mental health disorder and need to be taken away from the tables and put into counseling as soon as possible. Currently, there appear to be no signs of either side achieving any sort of common ground or consensus. So while the debate rages on, people continue to become addicted to roulette, blackjack, and the slots.

Pathological gambling is basically differentiated from the norm by one simple factor. Addicts are in such an ill state of mental health that they are either incapable of seeing their problem or are simply ignoring the consequences of their actions. This can include everything from how much damage their next week-long session at the roulette table is going to cost them, to ignoring the threat of a spouse divorcing them if they don't stop. The problem has gotten to the point where the thrill of the action has taken control of the person's mind. There are some mental health experts that argue that gambling addicts are no longer in full control of their actions. While there is some evidence provided by the increase of certain chemicals in the nervous system during gambling, this is not considered adequate proof.

To some degree, another sign of pathological gambling comes in the form of separation anxiety. The addiction tends to get to a point where the addict cannot stop thinking about gambling. Scenarios are played out in the mind constantly, bordering on delusions. This preoccupation, when combined with the possibility of being withdrawn from a casino, can sometimes lead to separation anxiety. In some cases, the person exhibits symptoms similar to drug withdrawal if they are deprived of their gambling fix.

If data taken from counseling sessions with gambling addicts is to be considered, it is arguable than addicts also develop a tolerance for gambling. According to studies, the person's mental health adapts to the amounts being gambled such that the addict needs to bet more and more. This is similar to what happens to drug addicts and alcoholics. As the mind develops a tolerance for the regular amounts that the person bets, the mind develops a need to increase the bet spread to attain that same sense of euphoria. According to some reports, a person's mental health and finances can be put under serious strain if this behavior is left untreated for an extended period.

Arguably, a person may also develop a mild form of antisocial personality disorder if the gambling problem is left untreated. This occurs when the addiction has gotten to the point where the person has become desperate to cover up losses incurred through gambling. The person's mental health can warp into a state where the typical consideration for social norms and rules is discarded in favor of alleviating the person's perceived problems. While taking loans or money from relatives is the common means of doing this, there are some cases where it gets to the point where illegal activity is the only means of supporting the addiction.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Business Loans Are Not Hard To Get

There has been a tremendous amount of talk in the media over the last few years about how small businesses cannot access business credit (loans, lines of credit, working capital advances or business credit cards).

In fact, several small business associations claim that 41 percent of small businesses cannot access business credit or business capital.

I say they are wrong. What they are actually saying is that they cannot access business credit on the terms they want or in the form they desire.

Clearly, getting a business loan in 2004 through early 2008 was a lot easier than it is now. But, what really happened was that business loan underwriting standards where drop or lessened allowing individuals and business owners, many of who should not have gotten credit in the first place, to obtain risky loans loans that were not repaid and could have never been repaid; very similar to what mortgage banks and mortgage brokers did with home loans.

They underwrote risky loans just to collect origination and processing fees then sold those loans off to investors (again collecting additional fees) holding no risk in the end. What this did was put a lot of unnecessary toxic business credit in the market loans that should not have ever been made.

Think about it this way. Let's say that on a scale of 1 to 10 based on a loan difficulty with 1 being the easiest option of obtaining a business loan. Prior to 2004 business loans had a number of about 5. They were not easy to get or hard to get. Banks just followed standard loan underwriting protocols. Thus, those who should get business loans did and those who shouldn't didn't. At that time, underwriting was based on costs of funds and risk of repayment.

But, when congress open the secondary market for these loans (just like they did for secondary home mortgage loans with Fannie and Freddie) banks realized that they could quickly collect underwriting fees then pass off those loans without assuming any risk. Based on this (just like with the housing market) they lowered their underwriting standards (why not as they had no risk it was all up side for them). Thus, the difficulty number for business loans dropped from 5 all the way to 1 (where anyone could get a business loan regardless if they qualified or not).

Therefore, for years, business owners were able to quickly and easily get business capital if they were willing to pay the bank's or lender's fees.

Now that the market collapsed, the difficulty number for business loans has once again returned to its normal position of 5 making them not easy or hard to get.

The 41 percent who claim that they cannot access business credit today are the ones who should not have gotten credit in the first place.

The bottom line is that business loans are not hard to get they were just really easy to get a few years ago and have now resorted back to where they should be on the difficulty scale.

To obtain a business loan today you must first understand why your business needs outside capital (it has to be for growth anything else is wasted money) and then understand how your business, as it stands, can leverage itself to obtain those funds there are as many ways to obtain business capital as there are request and each one is no harder than it should be.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Seize Additional Funds By Refinancing Your Mortgage

If you need financing and you can't resort to traditional means due to bad credit or you just would prefer to obtain more advantageous loan terms and not so high interest rates and payments as the ones offered by unsecured loans, you can always refinance your home mortgage with a cash out refinance loan and seize additional funds from your home equity.

Cash-out refinance home loans can provide you with additional funding by resorting to your available home equity. New home equity becomes available on a property guaranteeing a loan as the loan's payments get made or due to an increase on the property's value that enlarges the difference between the money owed and the market price of the asset.

How To Obtain Home Equity

Getting additional equity is not a quick process. And if you don't have available equity on your home already, there are no chances of obtaining a cash-out refinance home loan within a short period of time. Equity generates slowly and only on exceptional situations you can have a sudden increase on the amount of your available home equity. In any case, it won't ever happen from one day to another, as it takes at least months.

Equity generates basically by a reduction on the amount of debt secured by the property (which happens when you repay the mortgage loan month after month) or by an increase on the market price of the property. Since equity is defined as the difference between the value of the asset and the money owed and secured with it, if the property's market price rises, then the difference will augment and so will the available equity.

Advantages Of Home Equity

Cash out refinance loans seize your available equity and provide a good amount based on it. The rest of the money is used to repaying the previous loan and thus, you'll end up with a single monthly payment. These loans provide higher loan amounts than unsecured loans but the loan limit always depends on your available equity and your repayment capacity. Credit requirements have little to do with this though they may affect the resulting amount slightly.

Also, these loans provide lower interest rates than any other form of financing only matched by certain subsidized loans. But loans based on equity are the most inexpensive sources of funding on the whole loan market. This, added to the fact that the repayment programs are flexible enough to be extended up to 30 years, implies lower and more affordable monthly payments.

Getting Advantageous Terms On Your Cash Out Refinance Loan

If you want to obtain advantageous terms on your cash out refinance loan, you need to request different loan quotes from several lenders and compare the different offers you'll receive. Concentrate on the APRs but don't neglect other loan terms that are also important like the loan amount, the repayment schedule and the amount of the loan installments that will directly affect your monthly income. Once you are comfortable with an offer, just apply for that loan and wait to be contacted.