Sunday, December 23, 2012

Becoming A Millionaire From Your Basement

Millionaire from your basement.

Finally the secret to being a millionaire from your basement is out. In these financially trying times you can still be on your way to becoming a millionaire.

I found a way to becoming a millionaire in 24 months. I stumbled upon it by accident really. I was financially strapped and obviously was a little desperate, so I started reading a lot of finance books on how to make money in either a down or an up economy. Some were good and some were rubbish, they had titles like, the millionaire within you, release your inner millionaire, Finding your inner millionaire, Is there a millionaire in you? Finally I read books on the best way to financial freedom, written by respected finance authors like Robert Kiyosaki and Jacques Maglioli.

But my life changed when I stumbled across a man called Frank Black, who introduced me to the world of Penny shares.

Penny shares are the best way to build an empire worth millions by starting out with just a few Rands/Dollars in your bank account. Last year my investment portfolio made a 335% return in just 8 months; which means an investment of just million or R1 million would have turned into $ 3.35 million or R3.35 million in just 8 months.
Or even an initial investment of just 00 or R1000 could've made you ,350 or R3,350. I know it's hard to believe but it's true. I am on my way to becoming a millionaire thanks to this system.

A lot of millionaires have known about this secret for years but now through the work of Frank Black and his Red Hot Penny Shares company, this secret is also available to us as well.

The premise behind Penny shares is this, rather than buy expensive shares that will increase just a little bit over a short period of time, You buy very cheap shares say at R1.00 a share, when this goes up to R2.00 a share you are a little bit closer to becoming that millionaire, because your investment has doubled.

The best thing about Red Hot Penny Shares is that Frank Black does all the research for you, so you never have to pick losers. And he tells you when to sell a company that is failing to produce adequate financial returns for you, before it starts to fall apart.

But I told you that you can become a millionaire from your basement, so what you do is simply go to the Std bank online share trading website or You register to use their trading software and you simply buy whatever frank Black tells you to buy. By using an online trading program you eliminate the high costs of using a broker.

For those of you outside of South Africa you can still access his Red Hot Penny shares issue for the US market as well. If you are in neither country you can still access his publication online and trade the potentially lucrative stocks in the south African market using

To access frank Black's Red Hot Penny shares issue go to
Then you will be on your way to becoming a millionaire right in your basement.

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