Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Five Ways To Meet Your Condo Neighbors

Welcome to the neighborhood. Those four words have different meanings, depending on where you live. We all know what a neighborhood full of single-family homes looks like. But the condo neighborhood is a bit different. Instead of your neighbors being across the street or a few yards from the side of your house, neighbors in your condo building are across the hallway, or just through the wall. Despite the proximity, it is not always easy to meet your neighbors. Here are five ways to do it in a condo building.

1. Open your door. It sounds simple, right? But if your door is closed, you are not going to meet anyone. But if you are the new person in the building and keep the door open while you are moving, or even when you are just hanging out, you may be surprised how many of your new neighbors will pop their heads in and say hello.

2. Host a get-together. This does not have to be a big deal. Just post a note in a common area, or ask a couple neighbors to help you spread the word. Serve appetizers and beverages if you want. Or ask people to bring something to share. There is no need for a sit-down dinner, but your new neighbors will appreciate your efforts.

3. Spend time in common areas. This does not mean you should sit in the fitness room and talk with everyone who comes, but it does mean you should make using the fitness room or other amenities part of your routine. You may be surprised to find how much you have in common with the other tenants in your condo building.

4. Help someone out. If you see a neighbor struggling with grocery bags, offer them a hand. Or hold the door for someone, or help him or her move a piece of furniture. Word will get around that you are a nice, helpful person. And that is the kind of person people generally want to associate with.

5. Start a club. Does your building have a book club? A cooking club? Do you have a hobby you enjoy sharing with others? If you are interested in something, it is a good bet that others are, too. By forming a club and inviting others to participate in it, you get to meet and spend time with people who are interested in the same things that you are.

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