Saturday, May 5, 2012

Maththala: The Second Internatinal Airport in Sri Lanka

Sir Lanka is a country where we earn a considerable amount of our income via foreign trade. We have the best spices in the world, the best Tea in the world and many more. Sri Lanka is a country worth watching. We earn another considerable amount of income through tourism. In the present most of the foreign trade is done by air freight. Sea freight is also used commonly but the above mentioned products and the above mentioned industries are strictly depending on the air transportation system.

To get the maximum out of this, we need airports with comfortable passenger hanging areas and sophisticated cargo and baggage handling capabilities and facilities. Plus, we need modern airplane walkthroughs and extended tarmacs to handle the jumbo class jets travelling full blast around the world.

Sri Lanka has only one International airport that can handle this kind of demand at the present. That is the Katunayaka International airport. It can handle all these demands but the ever rising amounts have begun to frustrate the airport little by little. It is obvious that in a few years the mentioned airport will not be enough to serve the demands without TRAFFIC JAM.

Maththala airport is going to take Sri Lanka to a new era of development. With the development of this project it has opened up various job opportunities for local citizens. After completing this is expected to grow Sri Lanka's tourism new scale which is possible with the growth of aviation transactions in Sri Lanka. As a result of this Air Port there is going to be a large scale development throughout the rural maththala area to match with the demands of an airport.

The government ultimately identified this upcoming problem and took steps in constructing yet another, the second international airport of Sri Lanka, the International Airport Terminal at Maththala, Hambantota, Southern Province, Sri Lanka.

The reason to choose a remote location as Maththala is obvious because this airport will definitely get directly connected with the Hambantota harbor and elevate the development, trade and commerce in the country. Furthermore, this will definitely draw a lot of investors and investments pilling up in Colombo to the under developed areas of the country.

The dedicated premise for the Maththala airport is 2000 hectares. Even this land is already allocated for the project, the first phase will only utilize on 800 hectares.

The first phase is going on at the present with an estimated expenditure of US$ 200 million. This includes the construction of a 3.5 kilometer long and 75 meter wide air strip for landing and taking off planes, A passenger terminal building equipped with the latest baggage handling mechanisms, a cargo loading/Unloading and storage facilities, A 41 meter air traffic controlling unit, Two air bridges with navigating capabilities and finally a jumbo jet passenger terminal. At the finalization of this phase, the airport will be able to handle four airplanes in the same time and one million passengers per year. is a leading company in Sri Lankan real-estate business. we have covered our business through various areas such as Sri Lanka houses and Sri lanka land. is a leading company in Sri Lankan real-estate business. we have covered our business through various areas such as Sri Lanka houses and Sri lanka land.

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