Sunday, June 10, 2012

Designing Office Spaces

Too much of anything is not good. This should be the mantra of management and employees alike when decorating office spaces. Left to themselves, employees would stuff their cubicles with personal mementos that sometimes may be inappropriate in a formal, business setting, such as stuffed toys, weird photo frames, sexy personal photos, and obscene stickers among others. The company management, on the other hand, might choose office dcor that is so sparse or cold that could turn off potential clients when they drop by the offices. The technique then in sprucing up office space is to strike a balance between the personal and the professional. The office space should be inviting and pleasant for employees and clients alike, and at the same time, it should project a professional look and feel. However, employees don't have to spend a large amount of their fast payday loans on decorating their office spaces. It only takes good taste and a good imagination to transform a cubicle, desk, or small office into a pleasant and productive environment.

First off, here's a good tip for the management: paint office walls with colors that mirror the spirit of the business. For example, for traditional businesses such as banking or law offices, good colors to choose from are neutral colors like beige, shades of white, or even light green. For businesses like advertising firms, their walls should exude vibrant colors, like reds or yellow hues. After the walls have been painted, it is time to put up tastefully appropriate photos, prints, or artwork. A good business idea is make an exchange deal with local artists: they could display their paintings and artwork on the office walls, particularly in the receiving areas or visitors' lounges. This means the artists can get exposure and the company has free office dcor.

According to professional designers, office furniture has a large impact on how an office space looks and feels. However, furnishings could be expensive, and for small business owners, getting these on an online payday loan may not be enough. A practical advice is to rent or lease office furniture and equipment, particularly the starting businesses and companies. Just remember an important rule whether buying or renting office furniture: maintain the same style throughout the office.

Lastly, and most probably the least minded rule in office dcor is to control the clutter. If employees only have a desk to decorate, their bosses could encourage them to maintain an organized table. As they say, a clear desk fosters a clear mind. A nicely framed photo, a telephone, a deskpad, and a computer should suffice. Office supplies such as pens, staplers, and such are to be put inside desk drawers for safekeeping and de-cluttering.

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