Saturday, September 1, 2012

What Is Austin Owner Finance?

Have you ever wondered how you can buy a home without having to go to the bank for a mortgage? One way to do this is through owner financed homes. An Austin owner finance is one way for those who can afford to make mortgage payments on their home to buy one. Those who are looking for a way to buy a house can get financed by the owner of the house if they go to a real estate company that is willing to work with them. There is a real estate company in Austin that is really very innovative when it comes to helping people sell and buy homes. They will help you, as the buyer, get the home from the seller who is willing to finance. Sellers who are looking to sell their homes and relieve themselves of responsibility can do so and take increments of money instead of a lump sum when they elect to finance. On top of that, they can get more for their investment, which is the house, than they will get, interest wise, in any bank. It makes sense for sellers who can afford to do so to finance their homes and buyers who cannot get a loan from a bank to do it this way as well. This cuts out the middleman and gets right to the heart of the matter which is the transfer of ownership of a piece of property.

When you own property, you can sell it outright or rent it. Renting it still means that you have the legal obligation to keep it up and maintain it according to codes. Tenants can come and go as they please, they might even leave holes in the walls when they go. It is your place, you have to then fix it up at your expense and try to find a better tenant. This is a hassle that most people do not enjoy which is why so few tend to want to rent out their house.

However, when a seller agrees to finance, they release themselves from the obligation of ownership. The refrigerator is broken? Too bad, the new owner has to buy a new one. There are mice in the house? Oh well, the new owner has to call an exterminator. The new owner owns the house in an owner financed situation just as they would if the bank financed them. The same as they would if they bought the house for cash. The only thing that the seller holds is the note. The seller is not obligated to the home but merely collects on the mortgage due. If the buyer refuses to pay the mortgage, the seller can then go in and foreclose and get the property back. This is the only way a seller can regain the premises in this type of situation.

This option makes sense for buyers who want to purchase a home but are unable to get financing through a bank as well as sellers who may be thinking of renting out their homes and anyone who wants to sell and rid themselves of the financial obligation. Those who own houses outright should consider this over a traditional sale because the interest that they receive, which is the return on investment, is far better than the bank or even the stock market has to offer.

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